At this site you're going to learn impressive way to hack any Instagram account and get login password in just few minutes! The new special software which you can see in the screenshot below is developed right for these account recovery purposes. If you forgot your login password or your account (or some of your followers one) just got stolen you are at the right place to get working solution to get it back!

For those who still didn't use this social network, read more about Instagram on Wikipedia and register your account at their homepage.

Instagram Hack by Extreme Programming
* App supported for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.
Versions 1.0. and 1.1. are closed and unsupported from now on.

- >Download latest version from the button of this page. Install the app and get it started!

Usage Instructions

Like you can see from its screenshot, the program is made to be very user friendly so everyone can easily understand how to operate it with, no matter of age. However for those who still require for some help, here comes the tips:
1. App installation process is normal like with any other program you use.
2. After done with downloading and installing tool, double tap (click) to open it.
3. Enter IG username of profile you would like to find password for.
4. Options “Use Proxy” and “Clear Cookies” are for covering tracks and keeping your identity & IP address hidden.
5. Finally press the button, wait short moment until cracking process is done, and viola, details will get shown inside the app.

Tool Benefits

This program can help in many situation where people can find it very useful, and here are some top searches to have it:
Monitoring children activity – We live in era when crime is moving from real to digital world, exactly on internet. Number of scammers and cheaters is bigger then ever. And children are often victims of these abuse attempts.
Relationship status control – People often wants to track their partner (boyfriend / girlfriend / wife / husband / random followers) to check their messages if they’re in chat with someone else. Although we strictly disclaim our responsibility from using this tool for breaking into accounts of other people, many still use them for these reasons.
Password recovery – This is the main reason of developing this software at first place. Many people forget their passwords to login, and even email accounts ID connected to their profile. So without crack tool you’ll be unable to retrieve back your lost Instagram account.

About Us

This software is made by two fellow self-taught programmers who are active in computing field since their primary school times. Technology was always our main love and what we want to do for our whole lives. Some of our projects are making us living, but not this one. Instagram Hacker is the app we made as a contribution from our hard work and dedication, and we decided to share it for free for anyone who need it. If you accidentally find some bugs or problems with it, feel free to contact us at

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